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Cleveland Saves offers and supports special events that encourage greater Clevelanders to save, build wealth, and get out of debt. As these events are scheduled, they will be posted to the Cleveland Saves website.

Cleveland Saves Week
See website for current dates

Cleveland Saves Week is our initiative aimed at bringing together hundreds of Cleveland area institutions and organizations in a concerted effort to increase awareness. Our goal is to promote greater household savings and reduced debt so that greater Clevelanders are building wealth. Based in part on Money Saves Weeks organized by the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, it will serve as the pilot for Saves Weeks around the country and, perhaps eventually, inspiration for a National savings month endorsed by the United States Congress.  The primary focus of Cleveland Saves Week is to encourage Financial Action – commitments to save, invest and build wealth.

This year attend one of our FREE motivational workshops as we encourage greater Clevelanders to "build wealth, not debt"!

As we begin Cleveland Saves Week, we invite you to become involved with Cleveland Saves and to participate in Cleveland Saves Week, a dynamic week focused on Financial Action. To join Cleveland Saves and become a part of this dynamic initiative, please call the MoneyLine at 216.325.7126 or email us at information@clevelandsaves.org.

We invite you to become involved with Cleveland Saves Week. To join this dynamic new initiative, please call us at 440.632.1666.

Roll Your Change Week
See website for dates

Did you know that there is over $10 billion dollars in loose change sitting in homes and cars across America not earning a nickel of interest? That breaks down to approximately $99 of loose change per family!

During the week, you are invited to participate in the Annual Roll Your Change Week! The purpose of this weeklong event is to draw attention to the large amount of change in everyone's home and cars, and to increase awareness about saving money. We are encouraging all greater Clevelanders to make a deposit of rolled change.

During this week, you can go to any of the financial institutions listed below, and deposit the rolled change into a new saving Cleveland Savers account or your existing saving account! And don't forget, if you enroll as a Cleveland Saver, you can have access to the no-fee saving accounts offered to Cleveland Savers!

So, pull your change out of the jars and bottles you've been tossing it in for years … check the ashtrays and cup holders in your cars. During this week, take your loose change and deposit it so it can start working for you … and not just taking up space in your car, your shelves, your closet ….


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