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Flexible Business Saving Accounts

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We provide a variety of savings products for our commercial customers. These include traditional statement savings accounts, as well as high yielding certificates of deposit. All of these accounts have low opening balances and may be maintained without service charge.

Surplus funds in your non-interest checking account may be better invested in our Sweep Account. We will transfer any funds in excess of a targeted minimum balance. The amount of the target balance may be set to allow you to avoid service charges. These funds are invested on an overnight basis into an investment vehicle which permits you to earn a competitive interest rate. This sweep occurs automatically and your invested balance is detailed on both a daily confirmation notice and your monthly account statement.

The Middlefield Banking Company also offers retirement plans that may be right for you, your company and your employees. These include Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs). These retirement plans may be tax deductible for you and your employees.

Saving Programs
Statement Savings

The safe, convenient way to save. Your choice of a statement or a passbook for record keeping.

  • $10 balance requirement.
  • Interest compounded quarterly.
  • $2 monthly fee waived when $100.00 balance is maintained.
Super Saver

A premium saving plan that offers high yield and a user-friendly statement.

  • $6 monthly fee, waived when $3000.00 account balance is maintained.
  • This tiered account means that higher savings balances will yield higher interest.
  • Interest compounded quarterly.
Certificates of Deposit

Convenient. Flexible. Safe. Smart. The Middlefield Banking Company’s lineup of certificates is investment for any budget strategy.

  • Terms from three months to five years.
  • Very competitive interest rates.
  • Minimum investments as low as $500.00.
  • Interest options include monthly check, monthly transfer, or compounding.
  • Jumbo Certificates ($100,000+) also available.
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