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The security of your personal information is the number one priority at The Middlefield Banking Company. We will always work hard to help ensure your account information stays secure.

Download our Guide - "What To Do In Case of Indentity Theft" (Acrobat PDF File) for details and what you should do.

  • How MB Protects You - See what The Middlefield Banking Company is doing every day to help protect your information.
  • How to Protect Yourself - Find out what you can do to avoid e-mail fraud and other identity theft scams.
  • Reporting Fraud - An easy way to report suspicious e-mails or account activity.

FBI Fraud Alert: Look for these signs that you could be involved in a fraud or about to be scammed. (Acrobat PDF File)

The Middlefield Banking Company will never ask customers to divulge account information or passwords via email. Should you receive any questionable emails, please do not to reply to the email or contact the website referenced in the email. Customers can report the email to The Middlefield Banking Company by sending an email to , calling 888.801.1666 or use our online reporting system.

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