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How to Protect Yourself

Internet Security

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The Middlefield Banking Company is taking advantage of the enormous potential offered by the Internet by making more and more of our products and services available "online". The Middlefield Banking Company uses a variety of technologies and techniques to secure its products and services. You can also enhance security and help control risks when using your personal computer or when conducting business online. Here are some of the steps you can take.

Online Security Guidance

Your Computer Security

  • Control physical access to your personal computer. Do what you can to prevent unauthorized persons from using your computer.
  • If you are using your computer and need to walk away from it for any reason, log off your online account or lock your workstation.
  • Select passwords that would be difficult for others to guess and change them frequently.
  • Do not give your passwords to anyone. Do not save passwords on your website or leave written notes with your password near your computer.
  • Report suspicious activity you notice relating to your computer or use of your computer to the appropriate parties and do so as quickly as possible. If you notice suspicious activity relating to accounts at The Middlefield Banking Company that you access online, promptly report that activity to your MB customer service representative.

Virus Management

  • Install virus management software on your computer and use it regularly.
  • Keep it up to date (i.e., latest signature files, product upgrades).
  • Be cautious when downloading and running programs, Java applets or ActiveX applets as they may contain unsecure data which cannot be filtered, for example, using firewall or anti-virus software.
  • Use extreme caution when opening Email received from unknown sources and pay special attention to any attachments. Do not launch or open an attachment from an unknown source. When in doubt...delete it without opening it.

PC Software

  • Understand and use the security features provided by your computer software, such as those included in many operating systems, browsers and word processing systems.
  • Ensure that your browser uses the strongest encryption available and be aware of the level of encryption used when you connect to various sites and applications. For example, the EasyLink Online Banking system currently requires the use of 256-bit encryption.
  • Use only software from reliable vendors.
  • Stay abreast of the latest release and patch levels of the computer software you use.

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Encryption/Browser Check

Encryption is the scrambling of data into a code that is unreadable to anyone who does not have the key that deciphers it. Only you and The Middlefield Banking Company have the key to unlock your code. With EasyLink Online Banking, all your account information is protected by 256-bit encryption to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your data. To take advantage of strong encryption technology, you will need to obtain a secure browser, one that supports 256-bit encryption.

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Links to Third Party Websites

The Middlefield Banking Company is not responsible for the information practices employed by sites linked to or from our website. In most cases, links to non-Middlefield Bank websites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to the users of the Middlefield Bank website. Third party websites may have different privacy policies and/or security standards governing their sites.

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E-mail Tips

Do not provide your e-mail address to third party websites without reading the privacy and security policies and terms and conditions of these sites to ensure you understand the circumstances in which your e-mail address will be used.

If you suspect suspicious or fraudulent activity related to your Middlefield Bank account(s), please let us know right away. You should also contact your Internet Service Provider so they may block suspect companies from your e-mail inbox. To learn more about how to control and manage your incoming e-mails, please refer to your Internet Service Provider’s online resources.

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Children Visiting Our Website

Our website is directed at customers and potential customers, most of whom are adults. However, children may access our website and provide information. For example, they may request information concerning our products and services and apply for certain products and services such as student loans. Should children access our website, we are confident that parents will not judge any of the information provided as objectionable for viewing by their children. Parents can avail themselves of various software packages that are available to prevent their children from accessing websites which they deem to be inappropriate. Parents can choose to utilize this and other methods to limit the websites which their children have access.

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