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Monthly Payment Calculator

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Purchase Price of New Home:
Amount of Downpayment:
Term of Loan:
Interest Rate: (e.g. 5.50)
Annual Property Taxes:
Mortgage Start Day: (First Payment Due)  

Optional Extra Payments (Calculate the impact of paying extra on your loan)

Add to your monthly mortgage payment:
(50% of the amount entered here will be added to each payment for bi-weekly calculations)
Additional payment made every year in:  for 
Additional one time extra payment made:    for 
Downpayment is less than 20%. Required PMI may increase monthly payment.
Payment Plan >>>    Monthly Monthly
(with Extra Payments)
Bi-Weekly Bi-Weekly
(with Extra Payments)
Regular Payments:
(principal, interest and property taxes)
Estimated Saving in interest
over the life of the mortgage:
Life of the mortgage: (years)

This calculator is provided to give you general guidelines and cannot predict factors unique to your finances. For more information or assistance about your loan, please call us directly at 440.632.1666 or toll-free at 888.801.1666.

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