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How much money do you have?

Do you know? Do you know where you're spending it? Saving it? Can you afford that new house or car? Will it fit in with your expenses? How much have you saved or invested?

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You can answer these questions with...

Budget Builder

In as little as 15 or 20 minutes, you can create a whole yearly personal financial picture for yourself and your family that is completely SSL secure and can be updated whenever you want - completely free. In one place you can see your total income, expenses, disposable cash for spending, how much you can save and invest and where to go for help when you need it. You can build it, adjust it, add or subtract from it at any time. Our single year budget planning application is powerful and simple to use even if you don't have any real knowledge of how accounting works.

The Middlefield Banking Company Budget Builder is a personal budget building tool to create, update and plan a yearly budget. See quickly how much you are earning, saving, and spending in a year's time.

To access the Budget Builder, all you have to do is fill out a quick registration form and then login. Follow the simple steps and you are on the way to having the tools needed to help you develop a strong and sound financial future.

Give it a try and see how much it can change your life to finally be in control of your money.

What You Can Do With Budget Builder...

Here is a sample of what you can do with The Middlefield Banking Company Budget Builder:

  • Plan your incomes, expenses and investments for a year.
  • Review your financial strengths or identify problems for any time period within that year.
  • Quickly see how adjusting any one factor in your budget makes a change to the yearly financial picture
  • Develop a 10 year savings/investment plan that provides the outcome you want.
  • Print out reports of your budget that can be used for planning or when you apply for a loan for house or car.
  • Simply come back when there are changes to your financial picture to keep your financial plan up-to-date.

How it works?

  1. Fill out a simple registration form.
  2. Login to the system.
  3. Create a checkbook. Create checkbooks, saving accounts, investment accounts and IRAs that you have in your budget. Screen shot.
  4. Enter your incomes. Enter incomes you might have from pay checks, investments, and many other sources and enter the frequency which you receive them. Screen shot.
  5. Enter your expenses. Enter your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly expenses and their frequency. Screen shot.
  6. See how your budget shapes up. Look at your balance sheet to see how you are doing. Here you can see how much you are saving, spending or have leftover during any period of the year. This offers you many other ways of drilling down through the numbers. Screen shot.
  7. See how you can Maximize Your Future. Then you can go to our interactive 10 year planning tool to see how you can improve your savings, investments and IRAs over a ten year period. Screen shot.


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