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CD's and IRA's

Deposit Accounts - It feels good to simplify!

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CDs - Certificates of Deposit

Considered time accounts in which the customer agrees to keep a certain amount of money on deposit for a certain period of time. In exchange, will earn a higher rate of interest for their time commitment.

  • Terms from three months to five years.
  • Very competitive interest rates.
  • Minimum investments as low as $500.00.
  • Interest options include monthly check, monthly transfer, or compounding.
  • Jumbo Certificates ($100,000+) also available.

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IRAs - Individual Retirement Accounts

An IRA from The Middlefield Banking Company is a smart, safe way to build savings for your retirement. Plus, your IRA can offer you significant tax advantages today!*

  • Our Traditional, Roth and Educational IRA plans help you realize tax savings today, while you build a comfortable retirement for tomorrow.
  • We'll be happy to help you customize an IRA program to fit your goals, and your lifestyle.
  • IRA Savings Accounts
    This flexible, high earning account allows regular, automatic investments of any amount. This account is ideal for intermittent deposits or as a temporary holding account for rollovers.
  • IRA Certificate of Deposit
    A CD exclusively for IRA investors who want safety and a guaranteed return from their portfolio.

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*As with all tax related issues, be sure to consult with an accountant or other qualified advisor regarding eligibility and tax implications.

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