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Checking Features

Simplify Business Checking - It feels good to simplify!

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Accessing Real Time Financial Data

Overdraft Protection Available

Checking overdrafts are not part of your positive picture, therefore we have safeguards in place. Simply link your business checking to a MB Savings account or MB Credit Line and the funds will automatically move to cover drafts. MB Business Credit Line Accounts range from $500 to $10,000 and funds can be drawn down as necessary. Ask our customer service …

Sweep Accounts

Customers establish a “target balance” in their Business Checking account. This target balance is the available check-writing balance. Any funds over the target balance will be swept into an interest-bearing account until such time as those funds may be necessary to clear checks again. This is an interest bearing account whose interest rate is determined by the Federal Funds Rate as established by the Federal Reserve System.

Other Features

  • Electronic Payroll Transfers and ACH Originations
  • Commercial Overdraft Protection
  • Accounts Receivable Credit Lines
  • Individualized Lending Options
  • International and Domestic Wire Transfers
  • Flexible Cash Options
  • Merchant Credit Card Processing
  • MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards
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