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Loans and Lines of Credit

Loan Solutions To Help Your Business Grow

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The Middlefield Banking Company has been a partner in small business since our inception in 1901. As local business grows, the need is very real for inventory management, expansion loans and lines of credit. Small and mid-sized, established and start-up businesses look to our leadership for real estate mortgages, capital improvement/equipment loans, and corporate lines of credit. We can also play a key role in SBA loans.

MB has a staff of professionals to help you assess your financial needs and design the tools to meet your challenges. Our broad base of products and our eagerness to serve locally have proven a winning combination to flexible solutions. To save time we have provided the forms you need for application. Once submitted, a quick response will be forthcoming.

The dynamics of your business are different from every other, and it is important that your banking professional understands that. At The Middlefield Banking Company, our dedicated commercial bankers work to tailor a perfect fit for your financing need. We offer the flexibility necessary to provide a quick response and the proper solution for your business. To learn more about business loan and credit options, visit the nearest branch or financial center, or contact a business banker.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you want to purchase, re-finance, improve or expand, our programs carry options for every need. Amortization generally does not exceed 20 years on new construction and 15 years on current property. Adjustable, fixed, and balloon rates are available. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

Business Equipment and Term Loans

We offer customized credit options designed to finance a fixed-asset purchase such as equipment, vehicles, or furniture and fixtures. Term loans may also be used to restructure debt, finance expansion or provide permanent working capital. Various terms are available to meet your needs with fixed or variable interest rates. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

SBA/Government Loans

The Middlefield Banking Company is an SBA approved lender, offering a variety of government-sponsored loans. Whether for equipment, working capital, or real estate needs, these programs are beneficial when you may not meet the usual collateral or cash flow requirements. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

Revolving Lines of Credit

To manage temporary cash flow and seasonal borrowing needs, the design of this borrowing option provides the necessary flexibility. The line, which is based on your company’s asset levels, can be renewed from year to year. Funds may be borrowed as needed, with principal paydowns made at any time. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

Agricultural Loans

Our lenders will work with you to find the right combination of operating lines, equipment, or real estate financing. We work together with you to find the best possible products and services that meet the needs of the individual farming operations. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

Business MasterCard and Visa Card

Different types of businesses need different types of business cards. Our cards are uniquely designed to help manage your company’s everyday expenses. While carrying a competitive interest rate, it allows you to separate your business expenses from your personal ones. Our credit cards have unique billing options, and have built-in rewards program for use. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

Business Cash Reserve

Our business cash reserve account is an unsecured line of credit that you may access through your business checking account. Once your line of credit has been approved, you can use it whenever and wherever you need. Your business cash reserve can also protect your account against unintentional overdrafts. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

Letters of Credit

We offer both a Standby and a Documentary Letter of Credit. These are designed to facilitate business between buyers and sellers, generally at a long distance. A loan application is required for the consideration of a letter. Start with our Business Purpose Credit Application.

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