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Frequently Asked Questions

EasyLink Online Banking

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What exactly is EasyLink?
EasyLink is a convenient, safe and secure way to conduct most of your everyday banking transactions via an Internet connection. Do your banking any day, any time, all from the privacy of your own home or office-or anywhere you have an Internet connection.
What types of accounts can I access through EasyLink?
You can access all of your MB accounts, except for credit card accounts.
Is there a fee for using EasyLink?
EasyLink is provided as a free service for customers of The Middlefield Banking Company.
How do I get signed up to use EasyLink?
If you are a current MB customer, you can log on right now! Click here for instructions.
How current is the information?
The available balance for checking and savings accounts is real-time and will change throughout the day based on your activity. All other account information such as loan and certificate balances are current as of the end of day processing from the night before.
When will my transfers take place?
Generally, transfers made prior to 4:00 p.m. EST on regular business days will be credited that same day. Transfers made after 4:00 p.m. EST will be credited on the next regular business day.
Are there limits to the number of transfers I can make?
Some accounts, such as checking accounts, have no limits as to the number of transfers you can make. However, many savings accounts, by Federal Regulation, are allowed no more than six transfers per month. If you're unsure whether your account has this restriction please check with a Customer Service Representative.
Why do I have to change from a four-digit password to a new style password?
To increase the level of security for your accounts. While both password structures are extremely secure, the fact remains: the longer the password, the greater the security. Additionally, by using both letters and numbers the security is increased even more. Passwords must be 8-17 characters and a combination of numbers, letters upper and lower case and 1 special character. Please remember that your password is CaSe SensiTive.
What is an "alpha-numeric, case sensitive password?"
"Alpha-numeric" refers to the fact that both numbers and letters are used. "Case-sensitive" means that both upper and lower case letters are used-therefore "a" is not the same as "A." For example, if your password is "123doG," you must type it exactly like that. "123DOG" will not allow you to enter the system. This method is used to provide you with the highest level of security.
Can I change my password?
Yes. You can change your password online by clicking the "Option" tab at the top of the page then click on "Change Password".
If I sign up for EasyLink will I still receive a statement in the mail?
Absolutely. You will continue to receive your scheduled statements as usual.
Do I have to own a computer to use EasyLink?
No. You can access your accounts from any computer with Internet access-at work, at school, in public libraries, at friends' or relatives' homes, even overseas.
How should I set up my monitor for best viewing results?
EasyLink is best viewed with 16-bit color (High Color) at 800 x 600 resolution.
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