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The Middlefield Banking Company's Mobile Website ...

The Middlefield Banking Company has developed a mobile website that mirrors this page which was developed and specifically formatted for mobile phones and smartphones.  Although a simpler version, it contains all of the important information that you need for mobile banking.  Whether you are at your desk, working from your laptop or tablet, or on the go with your smartphone, you will have a banking site appropriate to your needs and device.  The mobile site can be accessed at mobile.middlefieldbank.bank.

The mobile website's smaller format, simpler menu and quick connections to branch information, make it the perfect tool for those on the go.

How It Works ...

Let's take a few mintues to review the various features of the mobile website.

Image 1

  1. Clicking this icon opens the menu shown in the second (image 2) graphic.
  2. Clicking the bank logo always takes you to the home page.
  3. Clicking any phone icon will dial the bank's number. This icon dials the main 888 number on your phone.
  4. Click this link will to take you to a list of our branches on how to locate or contact them. (See image 1.)
  5. Click this link will to take you back to the non-mobile website.

Image 2

  1. This link takes you to the home page of the mobile site.
  2. Any menu link with a ">" will open to another menu with more detailed choices.
  3. A menu link without a ">" goes directly to that page.
  4. This menu link returns you to the non-mobile full website.
  5. This menu link just closes the menu.

Image 3

Branch information pages have location, hours, contact information, picture of the bank (scroll down) and a mini map.

  1. Any "Google Map" link will take you to Google Maps and show the exact location of the bank branch.
  2. Click on any phone number on our mobile website and it will dial the phone number on your mobile device.

So if you are a smartphone user ... give our mobile website a spin.

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