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What's your passion? Patriotism, riding a Harley-Davidson®, zany cartoon characters like PEANUTS™, or supporting your favorite cause? Deluxe personal checks match your passion! Deluxe—the most popular checks in the world®.

With Deluxe Check Online Reorder, the whole process takes only a few minutes with no stamps. As well you can select from hundreds of different styles and designs of checks that fit your business or personal lifestyle best.

To begin, you will need...

  • Your Deluxe personal check reorder form or a sample of your checks
  • Your e-mail address

The online reorder process has three easy steps

Step 1: Enter specific information about your checks from your reorder form or check sample. Deluxe retrieves information about your personal checks from our customer file.

Step 2: Enter additional information (such as Check Format, Box Quantity and Delivery Option) to complete the order. Depending on your financial institution's policies, you may also be able to choose a different check design.

Step 3: Review and place the order.

At the end of the transaction, you will see a message telling you the order has been received. You will also receive an Order Confirmation via e-mail.

Changes you can make online:

  • Check Format
  • Box Quantity
  • Delivery Option
  • The check design (in some cases)

Changes you must make by visiting the office:

  • Updating personal information printed on your checks: name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Adding or removing a Symbol or Message.
  • Changing a check design that can't be modified online.
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